Do you feel at times our chaotic world burns you out?

Do you feel that if you were more confident new doors would open?  

Do you feel like you keep coming up short in crucial moments of your life?      

Do you struggle with relationships at home or while at work?  

Do you ever think I have more to give but just cannot access it?  

Do you ever feel completely out of control?

Do you find yourself “going through the motions” in your life?

Are your experiencing “information overload” by the constant barrage of media?

Do you feel like you just need to release the pressure valve in your head?

Do you feel like you don’t know where to start?

Over 80% of people have no idea how to train their brain in a dynamic and growth oriented way. They face the same common challenges, that prevent you from achieving a more empowered and fulfilled life.

In the past decade Dr. Lee Picariello and Dr. Hunter Stevens have designed mental fitness programs for high performers in the military, professional sports, and business. Through this course we are inviting you, back behind the curtain, to uncover the lessons and tools that will change your life.  

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Hunter Stevens, Psy.D., MBA

Dr. Stevens is the COO, Head of Mental Fitness, and co-owner of Mindful Athlete Training. As a former Division-1 Volleyball player, his passion lies in supporting other high performers to help them move past their perception of limitations and, ultimately, achieve. As a consulting and performance psychologist, Dr. Stevens has trained elite professionals in the military, NFL, and c-suite level to find empowerment through mental fitness. His insight and experience will guide you through this course to build a platform of mental fitness for enhanced performance.

How It Works

Over 6 weeks you will be transformed as you go-through this course to become more empowered through mental fitness. When you enroll, you'll have access to the first two modules. Then a new training module will be released each week following enrollment. Each module will enhance your ability to successfully navigate your chaotic world and maximize your potential. The 7 fundamental modules are designed to build upon the last and provide you with insight and tangible tools to enhance your mental fitness. 

Module Preview:

Module 1: Unlocking Mental Fitness

Module 4: Facing The Monster (Learning to Lean Into Chaos)

Module 5: Decoding Stress

Module 7: Integrating Mental Fitness and Life

At the beginning of the course you will recieve a resource guide. This guide is full of articles, books, podcasts, tools, and much more to enhance your experience throughout the course.

41 course-exclusive Daily Mental Workouts (Daily Climbs) will be released everyday for you to train your mental fitness. The workouts will help to reinforce the lessons of the week and enhance your mental strength, endurance, recovery, and flexibility. Although these workouts are not required, performing them will allow you to achieve the most from this course.

We believe if you can track can train it! So in addition to the exercises, you will also have access to self-guided reports to track your progress. 

*BONUS* Be on the lookout throughout the week as we will be dropping additional bonus content to help support you in developing your mental fitness.

The total value of this course comes in well over $2000. However, our mission is to create a global community of people who are enthusiastic and engaged with mental fitness. So, we cut that price down by over 60% to make it more accessible for everyone. Payment plans are available. If you pay in full get an additional 15% off with code: mentallyfit15

Empowered Through Mental Fitness is Open for Enrollment 

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